First off, thank you for stopping by!


My name is Sonica Jutla and I'm the founder/chief creator of this little passion project. Dough & Ink was officially created in late 2016, but it really started long before that. My love affair with stationery started when I was a little girl. My Dad and I had a standing date every week to go to the store to buy new pens. Yes, EVERY WEEK. You bet I had every color gelly roll, and now that I think about it....I still do. Since then, I've always loved making things. Whether it be cards, cookies or cakes (hence the name Dough & Ink, get it??).  


I'm a self taught baker, with a soft spot for decorated sugar cookies. They're just so versatile, the perfect gift for any occasion! *shameless plug* 


I love, love, LOVE creating and this is a way to share my love of all things pretty with you. 


Dough & Ink is based in Chicago, where I live and work as an Attorney.